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Thursday, November 14, 19, 07:41:40, 55 Minutes In News

Fresh Air Exhaust now offers stainless steel replacements for your boat’s fiberglass mufflers and stainless steel replacements will expected cost less than new fiberglass mufflers....

Friday, November 8, 19, 13:09:31, 6 Days In News

Fresh Air Exhaust always tries to provide the best service and products to their customers according to their specifications. Side Swipe was the first attempt to minimize Carbon Monoxide on boats and achieves a Carbon Monoxide reduction of up to 90%....

Thursday, November 7, 19, 09:30:09, 7 Days In News

Powerboats use marine mufflers, generally manufactured from non-metallic stuff, to reduce engine noise and moderate the exhaust. Mufflers are always installed over the waterline, and normally have some kind of check valve in-line to restrict backward water flow, which might harm the engine....

Wednesday, November 6, 19, 12:36:03, 1 Week In News

Get your engine breathing freely and producing max power! We offer only the highest quality performance marine exhaust. Keep the noise down and the power up with high performance mufflers....

Tuesday, November 5, 19, 07:45:33, 1 Week In News

We stock a complete line of marine mufflers for boat owners to boat manufacturers. We have hundreds of marine mufflers for almost every marine application....

Thursday, October 31, 19, 06:58:58, 2 Weeks In News

Fresh Air Exhaust runs through inserting the boat’s exhaust gases into the prop wash and removes the gases off from the boat. This is done by uniting the FAE to the existing exhaust vents. Thus, the prop wash pushes the fumes from the back of the boat, where it surfaces somewhere in the range of 100–300 feet behind the boat. ...

Saturday, October 26, 19, 09:12:12, 3 Weeks In News

Fresh Air Exhaust creates a suction as it moves forward through water. It helps to pull the exhaust out of engine and improves quality of your boat’s stereo. Shop all your favorite boat types and makes from one place. ...

Wednesday, October 23, 19, 13:43:35, 3 Weeks In News

The effects of Carbon Monoxide are cumulative; the longer your exposure, the greater the health risk. All pre-catalytic boats produce dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide; even boats with Ultra Low Emission engines. Also, we now know that Carbon Monoxide poisoning causes oxidative stress to the brain and can cause long term permanent damage. ...

Tuesday, October 22, 19, 08:46:22, 3 Weeks In News

Centurion developed sideswipe exhaust in 2003. Centurion Sideswipe Exhaust Port baffle. Improved tips to reduce the exhaust noise with built in baffles in the tip to help reduce noise. ...

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