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Tips to Style Monk Strap Shoes

Here’s a quick question for all our female readers – what do you notice first in a man when you meet him? We know it’s an opinionated question, but most women notice a man’s dressing style when they meet them for the first time. And most prominently, his footwear! Even studies say that the most noticeable item a man wears can be found on his feet.
Most men prefer paying excessive attention to the larger aspects of their torso, like the upper body and legs, but they forget that the small accessories they carry make a huge difference. Those little details make you stand out in the crowd and end up making you different from the lot. But we understand that this might be a piece of totally brand-new information for some men out there, which is why we’re here to help you in finding the right pair of footwear that will compliment most of your everyday outfits. And the answer to your misery is Monk strap shoes!
Monk straps are the most enduring style of footwear. They’re elegant and classy, yet extremely fashionable. They’re so easy to carry as they can be slipped on and off very easily, and so finely crafted that they showcase the perfect amount of formality with a dash of sophistication.
Well, enough with the praising, let’s hop on to the deeper aspect of these buckled beauties, starting with their history and construction process. But before that, allow us to make you well educated about the famous monk strap shoes.
What is a Monk Strap shoe?
Monk straps are simple and among the most elegant shoes that a man can (and should) have in his footwear closet. The simple way to find a difference between a monk strap and a regular shoe is that monk straps consist of single or double buckle closure whereas a standard shoe comes with laces or gore.
Traditionally, single buckle monk straps were referred to as the most advanced dress shoes for men. But recently they’ve been overshadowed by their flashier version – the double monks. Double monk is more on an edgier side, and is perfect for occasions where you want to show a little more personality. It’s best for casual and business casual events, but it also works great for weddings and parties.
In our opinion, single monks are more versatile and excellent pair of footwear that can be easily dressed up or dressed down without adding any extra effort. They’re perfect for every occasion and theme, be it casual or formal. Other than that, single monks are available in various styles, colors, and materials, including leather and suede. Luckily, with time there have been some upgrades in the men’s footwear industry, which is why you can easily find custom-made monk straps and even boot versions. But let’s not forget that single monks hold a very decadent and rich history which also plays a huge role in the construction of the shoe.

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