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Spruce up your Moomba® with the Moomba Surf Exhaust Pipe. It redirects the exhaust noise at surf speed so everyone can be heard and feel like part of the action.
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YXZ SMOG DELETE KIT – STV Motorsports Las Vegas

Smog Block Off Plates are designed to seal off the ports on the valve cover used by the air injection system. Using these block off plates will not give you any more performance but if you have an aftermarket exhaust it’ll stop or greatly reduce the backfiring when you come off of Throttle. ...

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  Centurion Sideswipe Exhaust

Centurion developed sideswipe exhaust in 2003. Centurion Sideswipe Exhaust Port baffle. Improved tips to reduce the exhaust noise with built in baffles in the tip to help reduce noise. ...

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 Station Wagon Effect - Fresh Air Exhaust

The effects of Carbon Monoxide are cumulative; the longer your exposure, the greater the health risk. All pre-catalytic boats produce dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide; even boats with Ultra Low Emission engines. Also, we now know that Carbon Monoxide poisoning causes oxidative stress to the brain and can cause long term permanent damage. ...

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  Fresh Air Exhaust - Slalom Skiing | Wake Surfing

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 Benefits of Fresh Air Exhaust

Fresh Air Exhaust runs through inserting the boat’s exhaust gases into the prop wash and removes the gases off from the boat. This is done by uniting the FAE to the existing exhaust vents. Thus, the prop wash pushes the fumes from the back of the boat, where it surfaces somewhere in the range of 100–300 feet behind the boat. ...

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